Fire protection

Fire protection systems

Fire protection systems

The sensitization for fire protection in buildings is growing not least since the fire disaster in 2017 in London's Grenfell Tower with 79 dead. For years, building security has become more and more important. Prerequisite is an individual and comprehensive fire protection planning and a reliable installation of the appropriate fire protection systems and components.

Fire protection does not begin with the consistent education of the population and training of employees, personnel and responsible persons. In an emergency, comprehensive fire protection systems can give firefighters more time and thus save lives.

We take on the development of a fire protection concept, the competent installation of an effective fire protection system and offer, for example, the following solutions:

  • Installation of fire and smoke protection doors to prevent fire and / or smoke spreading to other areas of the building
  • Installation of fire barrier systems such as hard, soft, combi and cable ducts, pipe bulkheads and fire dampers to prevent fire and / or smoke from spreading to other storeys and units of use
  • Use of fire-retardant materials such as fire- retardant mortars to coat fire dampers, cable full-wrap and fire-stop films that completely encase cable installations and electrical lines and provide a barrier to heat and fire

Firebreak doors, Fire Damper

Firebreak doors,

It burned in a department store in Frankfurt's city center on Thursday afternoon. The damage estimates a spokesman for the fire department to about 100,000 EUR"

One way or the other, the headlines regularly sound when it burns once more in Germany. But material values ​​can not be replaced, ideals and human lives are not. Around 95% of all fire deaths are victims of smoke poisoning. Because in the case of building fires, the majority of the causes of death are not the direct effects of the flames, but a smoke poisoning by the odorless gases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. 


Smoke and fire doors

Fires occur quickly and often unnoticed, for example in the middle of the night. Special smoke and fire doors, which close fire sections quickly and safely, prevent the spread of deadly fumes and fire.

Depending on the use of the building, fire doors must comply with fire resistance classes T30 (fire-retardant) or T90 (fire-resistant).

You are:

  • Elementary component of a safety concept in case of fire
  • Approved by the building authorities
  • Checked
  • According to DIN standard

A smoke and fire door does not necessarily have to be unsightly gray and made of steel. As with all building materials and materials, there are also generous choices here. After taking the allowance, we work with our customers to find a fire door suitable for the property and the required resistance class. The installation as well as the regular testing of the functionality we take over reliably and expertly.

Fire Damper

Pipes, pipes and canals in many buildings run through fire-resistant walls and ceilings. The introduced elements create gaps in the fire protection, which are compensated by barriers. These so-called fire dampers or valves are automatic shut-off device. They close automatically, preventing the spread of fire and the transmission of smoke through ducts into adjacent parts of the building, storeys or fire zones.

There are different types of fire dampers:

  • Spring-operated via a thermal release device (reaction at about 72 ° C)
  • With holding or pulse magnet
  • Motor or pneumatically operated versions

Together with our customers, we evaluate the required safety precautions and assemble and grout the fire dampers according to the specifications of the fire damper manufacturer and all applicable standards. It is important that all later repair and maintenance work is possible both from the outside and from the inside. Because only through regular maintenance, the fire dampers remain functional and in case of emergency operational.