Roof insulation

The problem: "summer heat and winter cold".

Cold in winter, heat builds up under the roof in summer, and heating and fuel costs rise. 30% of the heat is lost through the roof. How can heating costs be saved?

Solution: "Roof insulation

With a can save homeowners neat heating costs. Many weak points can be easily eliminated with professional roof insulation, and sound insulation and fire protection can be improved with special insulation material.
There are basically three types of insulation for pitched roofs

  • Above-rafter insulation - roof insulation from the outside
  • Between-rafter insulation - roof insulation from the inside
  • Under rafter insulation - roof insulation from the inside
  • Insulation of the top floor ceiling

And for flat roof insulation there are also three types of insulation

  • Cold roof - air layer between roof insulation and roof covering.
  • Warm roof - no ventilation layer, roof cladding lies directly on insulation layer
  • Inverted roof - special form of warm roof, layers are built up exactly the other way round

Airtightness is very important in roof insulation. Here, a vapor barrier foil is attached to the warm side of the roof structure and taped to make it airtight.
There are both as well as for flat roof or pitched roof different insulation systems

  • Rock wool
  • Styrofoam/EPS
  • Hemp
  • Wood fiber
  • Styrodur/XPS
  • Sheep wool
  • Polyurethane

But in choosing the right material plays a role in the place of application of insulation and whether sound, heat or fire protection is desired to be used.