Screed work (flowing and dry screed)

The problem: "damp, cold and uneven surface".

Moving into a new apartment or building a house, and then there is the cold, damp concrete layer, which is also uneven. And how to solve these problems?

The solution: "screed work"

The function of the screed is to make the uneven surface even, and in connection with the insulation layer under the screed, the screed also provides thermal and sound insulation.
The spatial conditions are decisive in determining which type of screed

  • Flowing screed
  • Dry screed

must be used to obtain a permanently satisfied result.

The best floor is only as good as its load-bearing screed!

Dry screed

This is a prefabricated screed made of prefabricated elements.
The elements / panels

  • Gypsum fiberboards
  • Cement screed panels
  • Hardwood fiberboards
  • OSB-panels

are laid in bond and glued at the joint.
In addition, dry screed does not transfer moisture, is laid quickly and can be walked on immediately.

Flowing screed

It is ideally suited for any floor covering. In addition, flowing screed is very compatible with underfloor heating and it is not necessary to sand or fill the substrate beforehand.
Flowing screeds can be walked on after two days and loaded again after five days, ready for covering after approx. 20-25 days.