Room isolation

People have always felt the need for warmth, security and security. Heating costs are becoming increasingly expensive, which is why the topic of energy saving is not without reason in everyone's mouth.

A correct and professional room insulation can save a lot of money here.

As a general rule, one could say that a space is always isolated from the outside first and foremost.

The exception is only when buildings have listed facades, or in buildings whose façade for visual reasons should not be changed. Because then only an insulation from the inside can help.

Here it is important to set up a decent insulation concept to avoid cold spots or too much moisture.

Particularly through breathable panels, the following can be ensured:

  • Improvement of the living environment
  • Regulation of humidity
  • Prevention of mold

Because of these plates, excess water vapor can be absorbed slowly and released again if the humidity is too low.

So it is always advisable to contact suitable specialists.