Whether it's the driveway, front garden or the kitchen garden with terrace behind the house - the outdoor area is the calling card of a property. To design and maintain it attractively, you need a lot of time and either a green thumb or a specialist company. We support you with a wide range of services both in the creation of your garden and in its maintenance!

Garden – yes, but how?

At the latest after completion of a new building or after taking over a used property, one asks oneself how the future outdoor area should be used and look like. But even those who have been homeowners for a long time know the problem: the garden is getting on in years and needs a breath of fresh air. What usually sounds simple is usually more complicated than it is - transport possibilities for materials, profound knowledge about plants or simply manual skills and time are missing. We take over for our customers:

  • The individual redesign
  • Paving & excavation work
  • Laying terraces and sitting areas
  • The setting of fences
  • The individual design of garbage bin parking spaces
  • The laying of turf
  • The construction of sandboxes and playgrounds
  • New planting of hedges and woody plants

There is always something to do

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter in the garden there is always something to do. Gladly we take over for you:

  • The pruning of trees and shrubs
  • The disposal of garden waste
  • Regular lawn care
  • Tree felling