Creating drywall

The problem: "room layout"

When houses are built and planned, the room layout is made to the best of our knowledge. It is not uncommon, however, for certain situations to bother you in your daily life. One would like to have a separate room or a different room layout. But what are the options here?

Solution: "Drywall

If the statics of the house is not changed, drywall provide an optimal opportunity to realize its spatial desires, to divide rooms qualitatively.

In most cases, plasterboard or gypsum fiberboard is processed, which is mounted on a substructure.
The substructure, consisting of frame profiles, stud profiles and, if necessary, lintel profiles, provide a good basis for the technically clean implementation.

The structure is then covered with the panels designed for this purpose. In damp rooms, for example, use water-resistant building boards. The space between them is best filled with insulating material. The insulation provides soundproofing and at the same time is a thermal insulation. After the panels are installed, a new wall is created.

In the new walls, of course, can be made electrical installations. This includes switches, sockets, telephone and network sockets.

Then the wall is primed with primer. Subsequently, it is possible to apply a decorative plaster or wallpaper the drywall.

Of course, you can not only put walls, but also realize, among other things, the following structural forms:

  • Brackets
  • Facing
  • Counters
  • Room dividers
  • Suspended ceilings for lighting
  • Media walls

The work is usually completed in a few days.