Fire and water damage restoration

After a fire, the damage caused by the extinguishing water used is usually greater than the damage caused by the fire.

There are various techniques for professional fire restoration:

The two best known are:

  • Hand wipe and dry process
  • Wet process

During the hand-wiping and dry process, loosely deposited soot and/or dust particles are removed by brushing, vacuuming and blowing off. During the wet process, water-soluble particles up to a depth of 5 mm are removed by hot water high-pressure cleaning. The blasted water is collected or sucked up together with the detached deposits and disposed of properly.

There are a variety of other remediation techniques that can be used depending on the application.
However, not only fire can cause great damage, but also water.

To eliminate this damage as soon as possible, there are the following measures:

  • Implementation of the initial or immediate measures
  • Locating the leakage and carrying out the necessary repairs
  • Taking over the necessary drying measures
  • Completion of all restoration work

During the initial or immediate measures, if necessary, the water is extracted, drying equipment is set up, furniture and electrical appliances are moved out, and floor coverings and wallpaper are removed.
Subsequent drying by set-up drying equipment usually takes 14-21 days. Restoration/renovation can then take place.