External drains

Various systems can be used to properly drain the courtyard, terrace and driveway. Because nothing is worse than a flooded courtyard entrance, terrace, or a cellar full of water, because the rain masses have nowhere to run off.However, before we get down to the nitty-gritty, namely the installation, the right one for the area of ​​application must be found. The following three questions will help:

  1. What and how do I want to drain?
  2. What does the system have to withstand?
  3. Which accessories do I need or want?

Especially in the private sector, you can choose between drainage channels or point drainage.
With point drainage, a visually and technically optimal drainage solution for your driveway, terrace or courtyard can be guaranteed. For this purpose, drainage boxes are installed to ensure reliable drainage of rainwater and wastewater. These can be individually and visually adapted to your object.

With drainage channels, this is already more difficult. Before installing the gutters, some points must be clarified. These include, for example:

  • Rain donation
  • Location
  • Substrate
  • Surface covering
  • Area size
  • Type and amount of traffic
  • Expected water contamination
  • Specification of the water authority
  • And much more

Drainage gutters provide a larger area, for the drainage of rainwater or dirty water. However, the wrong drainage gutter or no drainage gutter at all can also quickly lead to undesirable phenomena, so installation by professionals is advisable.