Painting and plastering works


The problem: "difficult task

When painting and plastering work must pay attention to many things. Because when plastering the plaster is the last layer that is visible. Likewise, painting is also a final step to make the interiors more valuable. That's why you want to make this work clean and neat, so that you like it for a long time.

Solution: "Painting and plastering by professionals".

Once the electrical system and all other cables and pipes have been laid in the ceilings and walls, and doors and windows have been installed, the painting and plastering work can begin. The classic interior plaster is gypsum plaster, but lime plaster is also an alternative.

And with a best three-layer exterior plaster you protect your house from the weather and moisture. Here, as a rule, a 15 mm thick base plaster is applied and with the help of a fabric animation is made sure that no surface cracks can occur. The top coat is usually a 2-5 mm thick mineral plaster structure, which can be customized.

For thermal insulation systems in plaster work in the exterior paint is suitable:

  • Silicate plaster
  • Synthetic resin plaster
  • Silicone hard plaster
  • And mineral plaster

After all, painting is about identity and recognizability, aesthetics and color design, but also protection. Painting is not just painting up and down with the paint roller, because there are also different techniques, such as

  • Glazing technique
  • Wiping technique
  • Spatula technique

Everything must look good professionally and qualitatively in the end because they are the finish on and in the house.
Time painting and plastering can be done within a month.

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