Pavement works

Paved surfaces always emphasize the character of a property and increase its value. They are simply practical and are becoming increasingly popular. This is due in no small part to the almost limitless design possibilities of pavers at

  • Driveways
  • Parking spaces and parking lots
  • Entrance areas
  • Courtyard pavements
  • Staircases, landings and ramps
  • Terraces

Limitless in design and use

Natural, clinker or concrete stone, small or large format slabs, tone-in-tone design or colorful accents as well as patterns and motifs - if the materials and laying techniques are optimally selected, paved surfaces blend harmoniously into their surroundings.

However, regardless of the appearance, the subsequent use and the practical side should also be considered. Is the processed material easy to clean, fast drying and slip resistant? Are the paved areas purely walking surfaces or will you be driven on by car? What about unsealing for large areas?

As a specialist company, we know the answers and assist our customers in the selection and planning with our entire know-how.

Paving work with care and experience

Anyone can lay a few stones. However, long-lasting paving work requires great care and experience. As a specialist company, we know exactly how substrates have to be so that our customers can enjoy their new paving for a long time. In some cases, extensive earthworks and excavation work with heavy equipment are only necessary to be carried out by professionals, because a load-bearing substrate is the basis of any high-quality paving work. So belongs...

  • Precise excavation and leveling,
  • Placing of sand and gravel base layers, which are compacted to a stable level,
  • Drainage of areas by means of gutters and shafts,
  • The construction of chippings beds,
  • As well as paving and edge adjustments our daily tasks. Trust in us as professionals. With our expertise and the appropriate machinery, we implement your ideas and are of course at your side with advice and support!