Floor laying

The problem: "Which floor fits best?"

Ceiling, wall and furniture color are fixed but which floor now fits best to the premises?

Solution: "Floor laying

The floor is now not only the most used part of a room, but is also a design element.
In most cases, a professional floor installation includes the removal of old floor coverings and the preparation of the subfloor in order to then lay the floor professionally well.

A floor should be durable and have a long life, so the flooring should be well chosen. But before the flooring can be laid at all, it must first be acclimatized for at least 48 hours in the room to be laid.

Each floor gives a different atmosphere

  • Carpet - for cozy living comfort
  • Laminate flooring - indestructible guarantor, long life
  • Finished parquet flooring - gives living space the special character
  • PVC flooring - classic, modern design
  • Design flooring - let your creativity run wild
  • Rubber - practical flooring, many advantages
  • Linoleum - classic, natural materials

A floor installation can be done in a few weeks and on time for moving in.

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