Energy advice for Residential and non-residential buildings

Detailed energy advice, whether for your home or company building, is particularly important when it comes to selling or renting.

It can only carried out by certified energy consulants and represents the official standard of an independent energy consulation.

Therefor we offer the following procedure:

  • On site visit with inspection of the building and recording of the building data
  • Detailed report according to the requirements of the federal office for economic affairs and export control (BAFA):
  • Weak point analysis
  • Savings potential
  • Development of renovation proposals
  • Calculation of saving potential
  • Cost estimate and viewpoint of economic efficiency
  • Informations about funding opportunities
  • On site visit with a final face-to-face Talk and explanation of the report

To get a individual energy-certificate, that you need for the sale or rental of your property we offer the following:

  • Single on site visit with inspection of the building and recording of the building data
  • Implementation of a energetic accounting
  • Energetic ranking of the whole current-state
  • Value the entire building
  • Value of all the individual building components
  • Presentation of the results in color classes
  • Development of specific renovation proposals
  • Issuence of an energy pass, after the calculated energy requierement content and formally defined by the currently valid EnEV
  • Regestration at the competent authority according the requirements of the currently valid EnEV

There are two forms of energy certification: the "energy consumption certificate" depending on the actual user behavior and the  und the "energy requirement certificate" based on the theoretical energy level of the building. An energy consumption certificate can give first clues on where energy can be saved effectively. However, only the energy requirement certificate, which is independent of the respective resident and his behavior, provides precise information about the condition of the building and system technology and thus offers a meaningful basis for recommending energy-efficient renovation measures.