Construction process planning

Good planning is part of every construction project.

It doesn't matter, whether it is a new residential building, new halls or a new dormer - an overview of all dimensions can only be obtained through a graphic representation. In this way, the basic fixings such as required border distances or maximum construction heights checked and adjusted.
Especially with measures in the building stock, you have to check if the stock matches to any of the existing plans. For many buildings, there are no longer any as-build plans at all. Then it's necessary to create this as economically and precisely as possible.

In addiction, the type of construction and the weight removal must be determined. Only on the basis of newly created measurements, cadastral plans or old construction drawings can your wishes be combined with the legal requirements in suitable construction plans.

The design phase usually begins with a face-to-face meeting. In this way can be created a better impression of the living habits or operational circumstances. A draft is then worked out together. This is usually done in digital form, to be able to guarantee a better imagination to the customer. This also makes it easier to determine the suitable materials, colors and everything else, later.

With us you can difine the scope of the construction supervision as required. Many construction trades are often organized on their own. Examples therefor:

  • Bathroom building up
  • Paintingwork
  • Floor laying

However, constructive measures are usually always monitored by us in order to be able to guarantee professional and planned execution.