Engineering office for insurance damages

Actually, everyone knows them - situations in which nothing works as it should and in which the final damage can not be estimated. One bursts after a cold winter, a water pipe in the basement, the other it burns, because a switch was broken and the third comes in the renovation of grandma's old house the mold behind the closet contrary. In such situations, it is important to keep a clear head and get professional help. Often, non-obvious damage without specialist knowledge is not discovered at all and, after a longer period of time, has some health and substance-damaging consequences.

With us, our customers receive professional claims management from a single source.

Regardless of whether

  • water damage
  • mold infestation
  • Fire damage

the rehabilitation and restoration of the affected rooms and buildings is one of our core competences. We keep our customers free, take over the first damage report, provide the necessary documents for the insurance and start as soon as possible to restore the original condition of the premises.

We are happy to take over the communication with craftsmen, experts, authorities and insurers for you.

Water damage restoration

Water damage can be caused by spilled washing machines, burst pipes, flood or a previous fire damage. This is particularly fast action is required because the masonry must necessarily be laid dry professionally. Otherwise threatened so-called efflorescence, swollen wood joints or corrosion of the building. Our emergency measures include:

  • leakage Detection
  • Draining using infrared, microwave, condensing and adsorption dryer technology
  • Water and consequential damage elimination
  • Water Damage

Renovation after mold infestation

The main cause of mold infestation in buildings is increased humidity due to inadequate thermal insulation, improper ventilation of rooms or as a result of previous water damage.

A mold infestation of a building is always associated with a direct health risk, since the fungal spores in the indoor air can lead to allergies and serious diseases of the respiratory tract.

We attach particular importance to a complete elimination to permanently exclude new cases. However, this is only possible if the cause of the infestation has been found and corrected. For example, if the leak in the water pipe has been eliminated, we can take measures like

  • the disinfecting cleaning of air and objects
  • the application of different fogging methods
  • the flaring

initiate. If the fungal infestation is too strong, we use lock systems and vacuum technology for effective partitioning and control of the affected premises. In addition, we dispose of contaminated inventory and material in accordance with the requirements.

Fire damage renovation

Again, quick help limits the overall damage. Because this usually arises not only by a fire but often by side effects such as soot, extinguishing water or even dangerous substances that are produced by the melting of actually harmless objects. A fire damage goes far beyond a normal repair. We make an initial inventory and immediately initiate mitigation measures such as

  • soot elimination
  • odor removal
  • Extinguishing water removal by drying
  • Thorough cleaning and preparation of the premises
  • Restoration of buildings with all trades
  • Disposal of hazardous materials, destroyed inventory and building rubble