Safty- and health coordination

The probability of accidents on the construction site is very high. It is all the more important to ensure adequate security measures. Safty- and health coordination helps to ensure that construction projects and processes, as well as subsequent work on the construction site, are safe and healthy at all times.

Nowadays, the client is responsible for the safety and health protection of all employees on the building site.  He also has to coordinate the activities of all companies himself. So it is advisable to organize the work processes of the individual unions in such a way that a mutual endangerment from the other can be minimized or even excluded.

We would be happy to take on this task for you as well. Our tasks here include the following:

  • Preparation of the advance notice for notifiable construction projects
  • Creation and updating of the so-called safety and health protection plan (SiGePlan)
  • Preparation of the documents for subsequent work on the structure in according to RAB 32
  • Taking over the coordination on the construction site
  • Review of the commissioned safety-related services
  • Documentation of all activities