Fire protection according to LBO and special construction

For buildings of medium height, a fire protection concept must already be drawn up with the building application. This concept will later serve as the basis for fire protection planning and implementation. This describes the requirements for fire protection and defines the necessary measures.

The fire protection concept must be individually adapted to each construction project and the legal requirements (LBauO).
It contains information such as:

  • Arrangement and execution of partitions
  • Requirement for the first and second escape route
  • Areas for the fire brigade
  • Fire behavior of building materials and components

Escape and rescue plans are only required by the workplace ordinance if the location, extent and use of the workplace so require.

These plans must give simple, clearly understandable instructions on how the people present should behave in the event of danger or disaster and where they can get to safety as quickly as possible.

They have to be created:

  • Current
  • Clear
  • Big enough
  • With safety mark in accordance with BGV A8